Platelet Rich Plasma therapy: accuracy of outcomes

  July 25th 2019    
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For decades, physicians and medical authorities are trying to find out a way to provide permanent solution for the complex chronic musculoskeletal injuries especially those which are taking too much time to heal properly. Finally, they were able to find one of the most useful treatments to cure the muscles. The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a treatment in which doctors’ use natural material to heal the disease. In the form of PRP, treatment doctors have very successfully promoted fast healing of the soft tissues. Platelets have the natural power of healing. They have the ability to derive growth factors to enhance the growth of the tissues of the body. During the PRP treatment, doctors use the same platelets to regenerate the tissues. The purpose of the PRP therapy is to revive the red blood cell of the damaged part of the body to cure the damaged tissues.

How the treatment works

The red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells are present in a medium which is known as plasma. The plasma is consisting of two objects protein and water. Blood cells of both kinds have the power to create blood clots in the body, however, the purpose of the platelets is to deal with the clots and heal the damaged tissues of the body. During the process, doctors extract blood cells from the body of the patients and they use machines to separate platelets from the cells. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy uses the patients’ own healing power to cure injuries related to musculoskeletal. Doctors use one or more tubes to extract blood from the body of the patient so that they can gather the platelets and then they inject the platelets in the body of the patient.
To get guidance on the exact areas of the body where the platelets are needed to inject, doctors use their images of ultrasounds.

Injuries curable by PRP treatment

The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can cure injuries which are very old. The PRP treatment is curing chronic musculoskeletal injuries related to tendons, muscles, ligaments, and joints. The PRP treatment cures from spine injuries to neck injuries, hip injury, a shoulder injury to arm and elbow injuries. PRP treatment has proved very beneficial to cure the support related diseases. The PRP treatment is known to be the best for the Achilles tendon repairs.

Outcomes of the PRP treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has a very high ratio of positive and long-lasting results. The recovery process of the injury after the treatment also increases with high speed. Because of the fast recovery process, there are many athletes who have taken this treatment and are fascinated with its results. It has sent back many athletes back to their respective fields within one of the treatment and they have achieved success. The recovery rate of the PRP treatment is at least 45% which is higher than the surgery and with time, the recovery rate is growing rapidly.
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