Preventive Measures to Avoid Shoulder Injuires While Weight Lifting

  January 13th 2016    Blog

People who regularly go for gyming, exercising, consider themselves healthy and fit. Undoubtedly they are, as they take care so much about their diet, their physique. But this carries on perfectly until they have pain-free shoulders. Sometimes people out of excitement of getting slimmer and having a perfect body shape start with lifting weights according to their own knowledge. Whislt doing this, sometimes they are being guided by an instructor and sometimes they are doing it according to what they find better.

In such cases without any guidance or the hasty attitude costs a lot as people unknowingly do such steps that require some different kind of training or a different workout routine. Eventually, this all results in shoulder injuries that are caused by some wrong movements or wrong weight liftings.

Below elaborated are some tips that will help in preventing shoulder injuires.

Some Important Tips

Pull A Little More

People working out, are very much interested in improving the ways their bodies look. This includes their chest, shoulders. People being damn enthusiastic sometimes opt for more pushing exercises just like bench and shoulder presses and their less focus is on performing pulling exercises such as rows and pull ups.

This causes lack of balance around the shoulder becoming the reason of acute shoulder injuries.

The perfect solution for this is to perform equal amounts of pushing and pulling.

Stop Bench Pressing Bodybuilder style

A bodybuilder style is about putting your elbows in the outward direction of your body and lowering the bar towards the upper part of your chest. This is what many bodybuilders prefer doing for the purpose of isolating their chest.

This technique is used usually, but in actuality it also causes many shoulder injuries. But for many of the average weight lifting persons, if not performed correctly can lead to many chronic shoulder injuries. So, what is the solution?

The solution is to put your elbows towards your sides away from your body while lowering the bar towards your chest in a direction that would seem on top of it.

Avoid Exercises That can Cause Shoulder Injuries

There are exercises that if done incorrectly can cause problems, but there are some that are dangerous and should be performed carefully. What should be taken care of strictly is the range of motion and the overall movement of those exercises. Exercise in this category include:

  • Dips
  • Overhead presses done BEHIND the neck.
  • Pull ups/lat pull downs done BEHIND the neck.
  • Upright Rows

Following this, many people have complained that while performing dips the conditions of their shoulders become worse leading to severe shoulder injuries.

The best solution is to avoid such exercises that can cause or further worsen your shoulder injuries.

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