March 14th 2020    
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Serious hip arthritis can cause pain and trouble walking. Numerous patients who have these debilitating indications because of hip arthritis will choose to undergo total hip replacement surgery. In any case, total hip replacement isn’t without its own risks and concerns, and therefore numerous patients wonder if there are alternatives to hip replacement surgery.

Common alternatives to hip replacement surgery are;

• Hip resurfacing
• Partial hip replacement
• Hip fusion
• Resection arthroplasty
• Hip osteotomy
• Prolotherapy injections
• Platelets rich plasma injections
• Stem cell therapy
• Subchondroplasty

Hip resurfacing could be a standard alternative to hip replacement surgery. It’s an operation procedure for patients with severe hip arthritis. The implant is smaller than total hip replacement in hip resurfacing surgery and fewer normal bones has been removed. Bone is off from the ball and socket hip joint and then metal cap is placed on top of the ball. Hip resurfacing surgery preserves more portion of normal bone than total hip replacement that’s why this procedure is more common in younger patients.

Hemiarthroplasty or partial hip replacement could be a partial hip replacement procedure within which only the ball of the ball and socket hip joint is replaced. This treatment is effective if only the ball of the hip is broken because of hip fractures. Partial hip replacement isn’t an option for hip arthritis.

Hip arthrodesis or hip fusion is additionally an alternate to hip replacement surgery. During this procedure hip joint is surgically fused. It’s used for management of advanced hip arthritis in a much selected group of patients. Hip fusion fused the bones of the femur and pelvis together by an outsized metal plate and screws. Hip fusion is good for the young and active patients who are heavy laborers.

Hip osteotomy is an alternate to hip replacement surgery which is finished to realign the bones of the hip joint. It’s a perfect thanks to treat early arthritis of hip joint.

Prolotherapy injections contain dextrose which could be a carbohydrate that provokes a healing response in damaged soft tissue including hip ligaments, the hip tendon’s attachments that connect muscle to bone and therefore the hip cartilage. This can be the best alternative to hip replacement surgery because during this no incision has been made.

PRP injections may work as an alternate to hip replacement surgery. Doctors directly injected PRP injections into hip joint where it heals the damaged or injured tissues.
During stem cell therapy, high dose of stem cells can add the positioning of your injury to grow into new, healthy tissue. To realize possible outcomes, it’s necessary to position stem cells at the positioning of injury.

Subchondroplasty is additionally an alternate to hip replacement surgery within which a damaged hip is strengthened by injecting a cement-like material.

Ganz Periacetabular Osteotomy
can be count as alternate to hip replacement surgery. It is beneficial for patients with hip dysplasia; the condition is most frequent in young women. Procedures realign the position of the acetabulum or socket.
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