Prp Can Eliminate The Need Of Elbow Surgery

  January 17th 2020    
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The elbow is made up of bones, muscle mass, ligaments (which connect bones), and tendons (which join muscular tissues to bone). The most usual cause of elbow pain is infection of one or both of the elbow’s tendons. This is called tendinitis, and it is often the end result of overuse. Repetitive actions from everyday work, household chores, golf, or tennis can have an effect on the muscle mass above and beneath the elbow and cause tendinitis.
If your elbow pain does not respond well to conservative treatments; then your doctor might suggest surgery to treat your painful elbow. Surgery often requires long rehabilitation or recovery period and restricts your everyday activities for months. To resolve this problem, science have discovered beneficial alternative to elbow surgery which is totally non-invasive as well as do not require long recovery period.

PRP therapy as an alternative to elbow surgery

PRP treatment has turned out to be a possible and safe alternative to elbow surgery, wherein in many instances not handiest is the injury able to heal however an athlete can get back to his or her game within several weeks. There are no ensures to PRP therapy but it has a tested track record to help patients heal an elbow injury.

What injuries or conditions can be treated with PRP therapy?

PRP therapy has additionally shown as an alternative to elbow surgery in conditions such as:
• Rotator Cuff Tears
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis within the elbow
• Bursitis within the elbow
• Tennis elbow
• Golf elbow
• Tendonitis
• Tendon Tears
• Partial tendon tears
• Soft tissue injuries or defects
• Elbow joint pain and inflammation

How does PRP help to treat elbow pain?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an alternative to elbow surgery which works in accordance with the body’s natural healing ability but it offers an extra raise to heal extreme and continual clinical conditions. First, a blood sample is drawn from the sufferers and the blood is concentrated in a centrifugation unit developing dense platelet rich plasma. This plasma is then injected into the elbow and exponentially boosts the elbow’s recuperation potential. When these platelets are introduced to the damage site, they work to repair damaged tissue, helping the elbow grow new and healthy tissue. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays.

Long term-benefits of PRP

PRP alternative to elbow surgery offers benefits like:
• Treatment of patients with PRP decreased elbow pain and increased feature significantly.
• PRP injections have a vital and powerful role in the treatment of debilitating tennis elbow pathology, in cases where other treatments have been unsuccessful.
• A steroid injection is reported to offer short-term pain relief, however the complications limit their use. PRP has no such complications and can safely use.
• PRP has been shown to offer a continuing long-term benefit in cases of persistent lateral epicondylosis.
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