PRP Hair Treatment: A Viable Non-Surgical Alternative to Fight Hair Loss

  November 5th 2018    Blog

The advantageous factor in the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) hair treatment is that it utilizes patient’s own blood platelets in order to stimulate hair growth on the areas you are balding. It likewise works to thicken the existing hair. Numerous individuals know platelet-rich plasma as the part of the blood that works to enable the body to recuperate from injuries. The PRP hair treatment has the potential to re-grow the hair in the event follicles are available. Moreover, the PRP hair treatment’s speedy and reasonable injections take only a couple of minutes and you are good to go immediately after the PRP hair treatment.

The PRP Hair Treatment Process

Likewise, with most treatments, there is a cautious procedure involved with utilizing PRP hair treatment, starting with a standard blood draw from the patient’s arm. In the next step, the tube of blood is put into a machine (centrifuge) which has a role to spin the blood in order to isolate the red blood cells from the plasma. As a result, the plasma (rich in platelets) is then injected into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles. The procedure is meticulous due to the reason that injections taking place across the scalp, around at every half inch over the area of thinning hair, however, ordinarily, the whole procedure takes less than a half hour.

Who could be the Ideal Candidate for PRP Hair Treatment?

The individuals who don’t have a background of Telogen Effluvium or scarring Alopecia are the good candidate for PRP hair treatment. PRP has demonstrated compelling for common non-scarring types of hair loss which are known as:

Female pattern hair thinning
Male pattern hair thinning
On the off chance that you favor not to have a surgical procedure or are not a candidate for surgery, at that point PRP hair treatment may be a brilliant alternative.

How will I know whether PRP Hair Treatment is a decent Hair Loss Treatment for me?

It is advised to have a hair loss consultation earlier your first treatment. On the off chance that you are determined to be a good candidate for PRP hair treatments, you will be scheduled for your first treatment visit. It is conceivable that you are recommended that you combine PRP hair treatment with additional treatments.

Advantages of PRP Hair Treatment:

 Non-surgical, natural hair restoration
 Escape unpleasant scarring or disturbing surgeries
 The positive development in hair count, thickness, and density
 Aim hair loss and receding hairlines
 Trigger hair development
 Reinforce hair follicles
 Natural looking results
 Excellent for both men and women


In order to get the best outcomes, consistency is vital. PRP hair treatments are normally performed once per month for the initial three to four months and after that each three to a half year from that point, contingent upon the individual’s response and results. Following this practice, predicted results are expected to be seen inside a few months.

How Do I Get Started with PRP Hair Treatment?

In order to get started with the hassle-free best consultation to discuss the feasibility of PRP hair treatment, it is advised to get an appointment with Dr. Zaki Anwar, M.D Frankfort, Illinois. You can schedule an appointment at 815-464-7212.

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