PRP Injections To Get Rid Of The Hair Loss Blues!!

  July 15th 2015    Blog

Everyone is possessive about their appearance. Are they looking perfect in the eyes of the others? What improvement is needed in their hairstyle, on their face or do they need a makeover? Or is there something unusual in themselves that is worrying them like hell? Such as, they must have witnessed loss of hair while bathing. And this being alarming, is making them tense altogether that what if they become bald or near to baldness?

The other Treatments

These are the depressing things that are concerning for all the men and women and force them to opt for whatever treatments they can to get rid of their hair loss issue or at least stop the hair fall from increasing. It’s true that there are tons of products out there such as shampoos, drugs and vitamins that can re-grow your hair, but most of them take too long to recover and some are of no help at all, thus leaving the patients in distress.

There is definitely a way out…

When you see that your confidence level is decreasing and the hair loss is affecting your life seriously, you may be desperately looking for a way out to restore your hair. One of the best ways to help yourself is to go for a new and innovative treatment that uses your own plasma rich platelets. It is going for Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

Beat Hair loss with PRP

PRP is one of the most popular treatments that help in stimulating new hair growth without going for a surgical procedure. In the procedure, a person’s own blood is drawn and centrifuged so that the plasma with platelets is collected in the tube. The collected plasma is very useful for tissue regeneration and healing. After this, the area that needs treatment, on it, the plasma is injected that is on the scalp, to resolve the hair loss issue.

The results you will be left with…

It is a very simple, non surgical procedure done very quickly and caters to all the hair loss problems the people today are facing. The patient may need multiple treatments, including each treatment with shots that last between 60 and 90 minutes. The treatment is altogether safe and reliable, though it would take few treatments to show you the results you desire.

You will observe a quick recovery after the treatment and when whole process is complete you will be left with a confident soul with natural and beautiful look thus making you feel good about your overall appearance.

We welcome you at the Chicago Stem Cell to get yourself treated in the best possible manner and together fight the hair loss problem.