Prp Treatment And The Shoulder; Procedure And Its Outcomes

  January 4th 2020    
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Platelet rich plasma PRP treatment for shoulder pain is used in maximum painful conditions of the shoulder. Arthritis, rotator cuff tear, and biceps tendinitis. The aim of PRP is treating the underlying problem and not just covering painful symptoms. This is why it is regularly the treatment of choice to keep away from chronic painful conditions
PRP is a new development in orthopedic medication that utilizes the body’s own natural competencies to heal injured rotator cuff tendons, bicep tendons and even labral tears. Doctors have diagnosed for decades the healing power of growth factor and other effective proteins located in patient’s blood plasma and platelets. Now we are able to extract and harness those healing powers for the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

PRP procedure for shoulder

The process is especially simple, blood is drawn from the affected person and processed it in an FDA approved clinical device, to split the restoration power of platelets from blood plasma. The medical doctor then takes that concentrated healing platelets of the patient’s blood and re-introduces it or grafts it into the injured site, which has been diagnosed on MRI and Ultrasound imaging. This graft presents the tremendously avascular injured structures with blood additives to regenerate tissue and speed the recovery procedure. The grafting is achieved with unique accuracy under Ultrasound imaging and the entire process takes beneath 1 hour and is finished in an outpatient setting.

Potential benefits of PRP shoulder treatment

The main benefit of PRP treatment for shoulder pain is that patients can see a sizeable improvements in symptoms. this remedy may do eliminate with the need for extra aggressive treatments such as long time medicines or surgery, in addition to a tremendous return of feature and a far shorter recovery time. one more major benefit of this treatment is that no foreign substance is used; the patient’s own growth factors from his or her own blood is drawn so there’s no chance of any disease transmission.

Complications of the procedure

As with all surgical procedure there is a chance of some complications. These are rare, but you should be aware about them before your PRP treatment for shoulder pain .They include:

• Infection at the injection site
• An increase in infection and ache on the site of the injection
• Bleeding and/or bruising
• No alleviation or worsening of symptoms
• Skin discoloration
• Allergic response to the local anesthetic drug
• Failure to attain a successful result
• Injury to the nerves or blood vessels
• Prolonged stiffness and or pain

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