Rafael Nadal Comments on PRP Therapy

  September 11th 2018    Celebrity News

One of the world’s finest and successful tennis players Rafael Nadal has faced some sudden wrist and Knee injuries back in 2016. Since he was in & out and in from the game and not being able to perform as per his standards. He expressed his concerns over these injuries, where were chronic and vexatious that have sidelined him for years.

Nadal went through series of physical therapies for more than 6 months. Still many wonders that how he has been he able to perform well on the grass and clay surface which require extreme physical power and strength. Along with all other therapies Nadal came across the PRP therapy which worked as a useful aid to overcome the injuries and get him back in the winning form again. He defeated Kevin Anderson in the final and named the US Open Men’s title.

The PRP therapy known as Platelet Rich Plasma is an innovative non-surgical treatment for the victims of the chronic pains. The therapy is performed by taking the blood sample of the patient blood and then re-injected concentrated solution of healing agent into the damaged area. After being injected the platelet rich plasma heals and rehabilitee the pain from the injected area.

According to the Nadal, this innovative way of pain relief therapy has immensely helped him in recovering from the knee injuries and now he feels like he is back to his career peak and motivated to name more titles to his name.

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