Raise the body’s natural ability to heal with PRP Knee therapy

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A quick review of PRP Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma therapy includes providing platelets drawn from the patient’s own blood to regenerate and reproduce the deformed cartilages, torn tendons and impaired tissues. The PRP therapy is not only highly beneficial in restoring the torn tissues, but also stimulates the healing process and reduces pain. PRP Therapy for knee is known to be radical and innovative.

Platelet rich plasma is a combination of platelet cells that is taken from the patient’s own blood. As the blood is comprised of several components, including the plasma and the platelets also the red blood cells and the white blood cells, these platelets are the foremost to react in case of the wounds and injuries experienced by the body and aids in the regeneration and reproduction of required tissues

PRP is endowed with natural growth factors and proteins that not only relieves pain, but also jump start the healing process. Since PRP has been introduced orthopedics have got the golden keys towards treating severe chronic pain and degeneration of the knee cartilages and tissues without any surgery. Hence providing patients with permanent and less painful remedy
The Procedure

The platelet rich plasma knee therapy is an outpatient approach and takes only few minutes to be carried out. The entire procedure is done in a physician’s clinic so that the patients might feel comfortable and the procedure is carried with efficiency and produces the desired results.

The PRP knee therapy is initiated by drawing a little amount of blood from the patient’s arm or hand and directly placed into a high speed spinning centrifuge, the purpose of spinning is to separate the components of the blood, the platelet rich plasma is extracted and then injected directly into the injured knee. The PRP knee therapy is a speedy procedure consuming only 20 minutes with a rapid recovery. Soon after the therapy the patient is advised to take light physical therapy for a couple of weeks. Since the blood is taken from your own body there are no potential risks and complications associated for allergic reactions and non acceptance of the body
The promising outcomes of PRP knee therapy

The noticeable benefits of PRP knee therapy include;

Promote tissue healing (tendon, ligament, soft tissue)
Decrease inflammation
Decrease pain
Increase collagen production
Delay joint replacement surgeries

Complications associated with PRP

The most observed complication that has been caused due to the PRP injection treatment can be raised swelling and discomfort and pain after the injections, the pain may get worse for several days. If the patient is taking any inflammatory medications along with Platelet rich plasma knee therapy they must stop the use of such medications immediately as it may react and worsens the healing process. The pain can be minimized by treating with ice or heating pad

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