Regenerative Stem Cell-An Alternative to Back Surgery

  May 9th 2015    Blog

How much does back pain affect your life?

Back pain is extremely dangerous to your life which stops you to continue your daily life tasks. The worst condition of back pain does not only damage you physically but also financially as it stops you to go to work. You must avoid any sort of physical activity in back pain and have proper treatment to get rid of pain.  If your pain finishes after taking a rest of few days then it indicates that you did not have dangerous back pain. But you still need to go for a checkup as rest is not the last solution for pain.

Good posturing prevents Back pain

If you want that back pain should not damage your health then you need to have good postures while doing any physical activity. You must take guidance by any physiotherapist to know which postures you need to adopt in order to keep yourself away from pain. You should always keep one thing in consideration that while sitting, lying, and standing you adopt a posture which does not harm your back pain. Keeping good posture does not put pressure on your back, which is a best way to prevent this dangerous pain.

Do you know about the regenerative stem cell?

It is an alternative treatment of back pain which helps to remove harmful change in the lumbar disc and it also tackles herniation of lumbar disc.  The aim of this alternative treatment is to let patient experience the easy way of getting rid of back pain. After the emergence of regenerative stem cell, patients now tend to acquire it rather than going towards typical back surgery. Surgery of back and much heavy dose of steroid epidural injections have higher risks to harm your health. So this is the reason why regenerative stem cell treatment was produced as an alternative treatment.

What is regenerative stem cell?

It is a latest platelet injection which helps patients to recover from back pain, numbness and prickling in legs. While undergoing this treatment you do not experience much pain. Patients of back pain nowadays acquire this alternative treatment because it is less time consuming treatment and patient can go home on the day of treatment.

Benefits of regenerative stem cell

Back surgery is a long treatment for back injury and it has painful recovery time, which aged people cannot tolerate instead the alternative of surgery is the right choice of treatment for aged people.  It has the quality that it is an out-patient procedure which lets you go back to your normal daily life as soon as possible after acquiring it.  It has the quality to protect important muscles of your back and it does not leave any side effect on your back muscles.