Relieve Elbow Pain Without Surgery

  October 9th 2019    
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Chronic elbow pain can be treated without a surgery. There are certain useful alternatives to elbow surgery through which muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons can be repaired in order to increase the mobility of your elbow and these alternatives can also decrease elbow stiffness and pain.

What are the alternatives for elbow surgery?

PRP and stem cell therapy are beneficial alternatives to elbow surgery which really works better for muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons injury. Tendons, muscle tissues, and ligaments can be repaired by PRP and stem cell therapy. These treatments increase the mobility and decreasing elbow stiffness and pain.

How PRP and stem cell therapy does works?

Now a day every newspaper has an article that discuss about stem cell and PRP treatment for celebrities and athletes. Baseball and basketball players are getting PRP for their elbows because PRP and Stem Cells are advanced or beneficial alternatives to elbow surgery that they can actually repair the elbow.
A PRP and stem cell therapy are not pain relievers but has the actual ability to regrow new and healthy cells or tissue. This healing goes on for a period of months aligning with the body’s natural healing process. It is also a proven and effective alternative to elbow surgery.
PRP Therapy tackles the healing factors of platelets present in the blood. Platelets are responsible for repairing blood vessel damage. In Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), platelets have an additional 30 growth factors which are activated and when these PRP are injected into the body, they give signals to the elbow to repair tissue damage. This repair directly leads to a decrease in pain and a significant improvement in the elbow’s mobility.
Stem Cells are present everywhere in the body and transform themselves into the types of tissue the body needs in order to heal itself when there is an injury or tissue damage. This is how the body repairs itself through stem cells! Stem Cell Therapy is that alternatives to elbow surgery which applies that power of stem cells to elbow pain. If there is a trauma or injury too great then there will not have enough stem cells to provide full tissue repair so the disability or pain will take months to end.

Advantages of elbow surgery alternatives:

• Main advantage is that PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are non-invasive procedures and they rapidly increase the recovery period of the injury.
• They are also low risk procedures as body is using its own cells to heal itself.
• They are using in the form of injections and within a few weeks, you will notice a significant improvement in pain and mobility.
The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center offering patients a diversity of treatments and services to facilitate fighting the symptoms of aging, increasing the longevity, and optimize quality of life through revolutionary regenerative medicine.
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