Sport Injuries-How Can Stem Cells Help?

  August 5th 2015    Blog

Stem Cell Treatment and Athletes


Regenerative medicines and stem cell therapies promise to treat various sorts of injuries and diseases faced by athletes. Medical researchers are constantly working to harness the procedure, which enhances the effectiveness of stem cell treatment and because of that, it repairs or replaces injured tissues and cells. For athletes faster recovery is much important and that is why they try to opt for those treatments, which are less invasive and less time consuming, and Stem cell treatment is the one, which fulfills their demands. This is the one great reason for stem cell treatment to be famous among Athletes.

Muscle Repair by Stem Cell


45% of sports-related injuries are associated to muscle contusion or strain. Muscle comprises tubular cells, which are called myoblasts, which combine to make muscle fibres. Muscle stem cells, which are also known as satellite cells are for muscle repair. While playing sports, muscle fibres may damage and pass on signals to satellite cells, which exist on the top of your muscle tissue. To response to these signals the satellite cells get activated, and get divided with strengthening their quantity and generate new myoblast cells. Myoblasts then repair the damaged muscle tissue. Medical scientists have explored that satellite cells of an older mice are not capable of regenerating muscle as effectively as those of your mice.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Mesenchymal stem cells are those which do both strengthen their quantity and divide and form bone, cartilage muscles and adipose cells. MSCs are very useful resource for medical researchers, as they can easily be abstracted from a number of patient tissues, including fat. For injury, MSCs produce proteins, which are to alter the surrounding environment and increase the healing and regeneration of tissue, such as anti-inflammatory factors, angiogenic factors, which enhance the growth of latest blood vessels and many other factors, which pave a way for local tissue- specific stem cells.



Any sort of sports injury can damage athlete’s career and that is why most of them prefer to avoid injuries and prefer to take preventing measures for that, but once the injury occurs, athletes then try to get the treatment, which has no side-effects and complete in the shorter span of time. In this regard stem cell treatment is very ideal, as it is not invasive and does not consume much time.

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