Stem cell- An alternative treatment for Spinal Fusion Surgery

  July 27th 2015    Blog

Fusion surgery of the spine

People of United States opt for spinal fusion surgery more than any other developed nation does on this Earth, and the rate of acquiring this traditional surgery is 2-3 times higher than rate of other nations. Spinal surgeries and specifically fusion surgeries are much expensive and both of them own complications and that is why no doctor can guarantee that you will recover fully after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. Fusion surgeries are mostly attached to further degeneration condition of the spine, it shows that surgery does not give you the permanent solution and damage your spine more. The rate of failure of spinal surgeries is very high, because of the failures of spinal surgeries, there is one clinical term which has been created for the patients, who do not get benefited by spinal surgery, and that is “Failed back surgery Syndrome”.

What does medical research manifest?

The medical research manifests that patients who have chronic low back pain or disc degeneration undergo spinal fusion surgery and they do not get hundred percent good results than those who opt for non-surgical treatment.

Stem cell as Non-surgical treatment

Stem cell treatment is the one which has marked its success, when it comes to spinal fusion surgeries, as it does not have any side-effect and benefit the patients with hundred percent good results. It is not much time consuming procedure with the attribute of pain-free treatment. Stem cells are injected into the damaged discs and it is much helpful in repairing your disc without causing any side-affect.

Keep your discs healthy

Patients mostly have a disc fetish. The intervertebral disc is called as shock absorbing spacer, which remains among your spine bones. It may get degenerated, means it can get damaged or collapsed and become the reason for unwanted pressure on nerves. The biggest outcome of disc degeneration is instability and irritation, which do not let you live a normal life.

Treat your damaged discs by stem cell treatment

Your injured discs need to be injected with stem cells, as stem cells contain many useful and helpful elements to repair your disc, and above all stem cells prevent your chances to undergo traditional and painful treatment. That is why tendency of acquiring stem cell treatment is increasing. Stem cells contain some specific growthfactors that enhance the procedure of healing your discs, so consult your doctor and ask for stem cell treatment, as it is the best solution to avoid surgery.

If you or one of your loved one is suffering from chronic back pain, do consider regenerative medicine as a safer and highly promising option as compared to the risk of surgery. Schedule a free consultation at The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center today to find out how regenerative treatment can help you. To make an appointment for any of our locations, please call 815-464-7212.