Stem Cell Therapies Approved By Fda

  February 24th 2020    
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An embryonic stem cell study is a hot-button topic. In fact, it’s one of the topics that so divisively cut up conservatives and liberals in the United States.
Now, though, there are other varieties of FDA approved stem cell therapies that don’t contain embryos. That means they’re no longer controversial or taken into consideration unethical with the aid of anyone.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell research facilitates us understand what cells are, what they do, cell division, and cell development. That includes the best and the bad, which might be equally valuable. For example, “good” being restoring torn cartilage and “bad” being cancer.
FDA approved stem cell therapies use these stem cells to address health problems. This is called regenerative medicine: using stem cells to potentially regenerate broken or unwell body parts.
Regenerative medicine, if absolutely evolved and approved by using the FDA, can be the alternative to organ donation. Donated organs are few and a long way between but in incredibly excessive demand.
Don’t agree with us? The kidney transplant waitlist is so lengthy that receivers wait an average of three to five years for a donation! Think about it: for a person to receive a kidney, someone else has to pick to donate it. For someone to get a heart, a person else has to die.
It’s not an effective, ideal, or easy system. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the receiver’s body will accepted the donated organ. It can reject it, and you’re back to square one.
Imagine if the sick or injured individual could alternatively utilize their own or maybe someone else’s stem cells to restore their damaged or diseased organ. No want for organ donors, intensive and threatening organ surgeries, anti-rejection medication, or the harrowing unknown of the waitlist.

Which stem cell therapies are approved recently?

Cord blood stem cell therapy is the only FDA approved stem cell therapies currently approved in the United States. Others are in the workings, struggling controversy, or looking for funding. Cord blood stem cell therapy, however, is exceptionally useful. It can treat a widespread range of health conditions, which also include cancers!
Have you ever heard of mothers saving and donating the blood from their newborn baby’s umbilical cord? It’s for this purpose!
The stem cells in cord blood are in reality invaluable. They can be used to assist the baby itself or even the baby’s family members. Here are a few health situations that can be treated under the list of FDA approved stem cell therapies:
• Childhood cancers including tumors
• Leukemias, including pre-leukemia
• Bone marrow cancers
• Anemia
• Erythrocyte abnormalities
• Platelet abnormalities
• Immune system disorders
• Myeloproliferative disorders
• Phagocyte disorders
• Organ disorders
• Metabolic disorders
• Neutropenias
• Leukodystrophy disorders
• Lysosomal storage diseases
• Other inherited disorders such as osteopetrosis
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