Stem Cell Therapy – A Best Treatment Option For Tennis Elbow!!

  January 26th 2016    Blog

Tennis elbow is said to be as the condition in which the tendons of the elbow suffer from inflammation, reason being the overuse of the muscles and the forearm. The tennis elbow, no doubt brings a very severe and drastic pain, but it shouldn’t land the patient into the decision of surgery. With certain medical advancements today, stem cell treatment is considered as a really good alternative to elbow surgery.

All depends on how severe the problem is. If the tennis elbow is mild then it is only a period of rest as it would get better by natural healing. But if, in case it is chronic then it is up to the pain management specialist to diagnose and treat it in the best possible manner.

Causes That Contribute In Tennis Elbow


According to recent studies, the reason behind the occurrence of tennis elbow is the any any damage caused to a specific forearm muscle. These are due to the ECRB muscles that get weak due to overuse and eventually leads to inflammation and pain.

If the specific task is not stopped, then the damage becomes worse, as the ECRB muscle might be at a risk. Moreover, when the elbow bends or straightens and as the time passes gradual wear and tear is observed.


By the name it seems that only athletes become the victims of tennis elbow. But in actuality, people participating in recreational activities, when frequently use their forearm muscles get in trouble.

Likewise, people who are involved in such a profession where repetitive movements are required as well as lifting such as painters, plumbers, carpenters, auto workers, cooks, butchers etc suffer from tennis elbow.


Though anyone can become the victim of tennis elbow, but most people in an age group of 30 and 50 suffer from it. So, it can also be said that age is also a contributing factor to this problem.

Had the patients attained the knowledge of the alternative to elbow surgery, they would have been away from much worse conditions that might take place in the absence of any proper treatment.

Surgery or Stem Cell Therapy?

At Chicago Stem Cell, with the involvement of a specialist team, stem cell therapy is utilized, that absolutely serves as a tissue healer and assists in the regeneration for multiple conditions and injuries.

In a situation, when surgery is performed, a large incision is made in order to remove the defected tissue and attach a healthy muscle to the bone. This larger incision brings with it a number of risks such as loss of strength, flexibility, a prolonged rehabilitation period etc.

On the other hand, stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from one’s own body and injecting them into the damaged area. This way stem cell therapy becomes as an alternative to elbow surgery, as it heals tissues, regenerates the affected tendons thereby giving the elbow its original strength and flexibility.

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