Stem Cell Therapy – A Cure for Life Threatening diseases!!

  September 27th 2016    Blog

It’s been years and still more to go that the stem cell therapy popularity and its awareness is gaining ground. People belonging to any age group, from any field, office goers, elderly people or athletes when are struck by serious injuries and find that they have no chance of returning back to the game or join their normal schedule with full enthusiasm like they used to do, today opt for stem cell therapy. For them this treatment is a gift that gives them back the fervor and activeness with the help of which they completed the usual chores.

With numerous merits prevailing in the society, here we have shed light upon some life threatening diseases rather disorders that can be effectively treated with the help of stem cell therapy.

                               Life threatening Diseases

Cerebral Palsy

This type of problem is often encountered before birth and is said to be as an abnormal brain development, found mostly in young children. Children facing this, have to suffer from impaired muscle coordination as well as they have to face acute problems while moving. With certain advancements and thorough research it has been found that if stem cells are transplanted into the blood stream then they can serve as the best option in battling with this condition.


On yearly basis it has been found that almost 44,000 people are diagnosed of leukemia which is a cancer of blood forming tissues comprising of the bone marrow. As per this disease the body is said to become unable in producing normal blood cells considering that the bone marrow produces immature and abnormal leukocytes.

Stem cells harvested from bone marrow, provide a lower risk of rejection and a pain free alternative.

Krabbe Disease

It is said to be a disease that causes shortage of enzymes due to which the protective covering of the nerve cells becomes less. Stem cell injections have offered hope for the patients suffering from this disorder.

The future applications

Stem cell therapy’s ability to treat several diseases is continuing to elongate which is what the future of medical field is all about. Stem cell therapy is being worked upon to treat the conditions such as:

  • ALS
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Parkinson’s Disease

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