Stem Cell Therapy – A Sign of Hope for The Athletes!

  December 16th 2016    Blog

The renowned stem cell therapy, today is gaining more popularity in treating different diseases as well as severe injuries and restoring the patients in a healthy situation back again. Now, people belonging to any field be it sports, people involved in some office work etc when are struck be severe injuries, choose stem cell therapy as the only option that would not only cure their injury but also give them back their strength. Considering its numerous advantages and the healing mechanisms associated with stem cell therapy sports organizations and many athletes are now hopeful to return back to the game in case of injuries.

Starting from the baseball players, the tennis players to the football players, stem cell therapy is being embraced extensively in order to reduce the athlete’s recovery time and heal the damaged tissues or the lost tissues in the body. Let’s see the number of patients who have opted the stem cell therapy treatment.

Athletes Who Chose Stem Cell Therapy!

Be it knee injury or any athlete suffering from shoulder injury, stem cell therapy have been proven to give them the satisfied results.

Rafael Nadal

Being a professional tennis player and known as one of the greatest player in the tennis history, he chose stem cell therapy in order to treat his severe knee injury. The benefit that he availed with this therapy can be understood from the fact that he made an impressive come back into the game.

Bartolo Colon

Because of a severe elbow problem and right rotator cuff, Bartolo Colon known as one of the most active player in major league baseball had to miss his entire season. Then after learning about the regenerative medicine he opted for the stem cell therapy procedure. In the procedure, his bone marrow was spun in a centrifuge and separated from the blood material. After this Colon’s own body fat was injected into his elbow and shoulder in order to repair the ligament damage.

Pau Gasol

Due to the acute stem cell injection, Pau Gasol; the six times NBA All star player had to come down to crutches and eventually was unable to continue the basketball game. What made him come back into the game again were the autologous stem cell injections with the help of which the regeneration in the tissue was stimulated.

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