Stem Cell Therapy As A Potential Treatment For Diabetes

  February 22nd 2020    
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Understanding the root reasons of diabetes has eluded researchers for many years now. The mode wherein the immune system causes the destruction of precious beta islet cells in the pancreas of type 1 diabetics is commonly understood to be the key.
The eventual goal, which has to this point proved elusive, is a treatment for diabetes, which could potentially be offered for both sorts of diabetes through stem cell treatment for diabetes.

Goal of stem cell therapy in treating diabetes

Stem cell treatment for diabetes can be used for both, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The long-term objectives of are to:
• Prolong life
• Reduce symptoms
• Prevent diabetes-related headaches which include blindness, coronary heart disease, kidney failure and amputation of limbs
• Bring blood glucose levels below control with oral hypoglycemics
With such a big and growing part of the world population affected by this disease there has been an extensive amount of resources committed to its treatment. While treatment can control the signs and symptoms and usually avoid the related serious complications there’s presently no therapy for diabetes. The overwhelming amount of success in treating animal models of diabetes with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) has brought about a tremendous range of human clinical trials to do the same. There are 2 key ways this is happening. The first way is that MSC’s are being evaluated for their safety and usefulness in immediately treating the condition of diabetes. The second way is that MSC’s are being evaluated for their protection and value in treating the complications of diabetes inclusive of diabetic ulcer.

Incredible results

In a current peer reviewed publication they outlined 15 separate human scientific trials for stem cell treatment for diabetes that have been conducted to deal with diabetes the use of MSC’s that encompassed 457 patients. Every single study discovered MSC’s to be safe for use, with no intense or negative reactions mentioned and effective for use, with patients showing measurable clinical benefit. The research ranged from 3 months to 4 years in duration.
The US-FDA is presently tracking 21 clinical trials to deal with diabetes using MSC’s and those studies encompass 926 patients. The researchers are ongoing, so no outcomes are to be had yet.
In addition to the numerous clinical trials, there are many human beings that select to have stem cell treatment for diabetes right now and not wait on regulatory approval.
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