Stem Cell Therapy For Elbow Joints

  July 31st 2017    Blog

Now a days  numerous advanced technology have replaced the need for invasive surgery, especially in the case of treating elbow joint conditions. Using the patient’s own stem cells, we can use the natural healing process to restore the damaged muscles, torn ligaments, cartilages and other tissues in the arm and the elbow

This procedure helps people to prevent severe consequences of the surgery followed by staying in the hospitals and longer recovery period and training sessions. Even some of the athletes or the people who play sports can not get the desired result and have their arm and elbow restricted to some extent for movement

How Do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cells are functional cells in our body that have the capability to transform into any other type of cells  such as muscles and cartilage. As the age increases the ability and quantity of the stem cell decreases as a result the adult takes a long time for recovery

The Stem cells injection treatment provide patients relief from osteoarthritis and other deteriorating diseases in the elbow joint are best option, for the candidates who suffer from elbow joint problem there are two options either they should opt for total surgical replacement or stem cell injections

Surgery can not always produce your desired results and brings high risk  of infections and foremost, there is a risk of complete loss of motion of the elbow joint due to nay complication caused by the surgery. Moreover, after surgery you need three months of physical therapy for complete recovery of the elbow joint

Stem cell injection therapy circumvents all the adverse side effects, it is based on the body’s natural ability to recover. Since there is no risk of infections neither the risk of tissue damage  it is a safe procedure even there are negligible chances of stem cell rejection by the body

Elbow Conditions Treated By Stem Cells


Stem cell therapies will provide a platform in the future for the treatment or elbow joints and many other degenerative diseases and excellent alternatives for how the joint pains including the elbow jointand others can be treated

Stem cell therapy is not just subjected to repairing joints, however have the capability to treat a wide range of  disease with  every new day the stem cells are giving new methods and procedures for repairing

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