Stem cell therapy for shoulder joint pain

  November 9th 2017    Blog

Reparative medicines, peculiarly the stem cell therapy is altering the way shoulder injuries are treated. Stem cell therapy for shoulder joint is rapidly reducing the need for shoulder surgery. The shoulder joint is one of the strongest joint of the entire body and is structured for both work and sports. The shoulder joint plays a significant role in every aspect of life either it is brushing your teeth to driving a car
Shoulder joint injuries arising from sports

Shoulder joint injuries are most observed sports related injuries. Appropriate shoulder functioning is necessary in almost every sport, and vitally important in sports such as tennis, golf, basketball and football. Slightly invasive choice of stem cell to treat shoulder joint injuries and pain facilitates patients to rapidly recover and restore to daily activities and tasks with as little time as possible. A variety of shoulder injuries are usually experienced during sports trauma. Typical shoulder joint injuries and pain is contributed by dislocation, fractures, bruising and rotator cuff damage
What happens in a rotator cuff tear?

The rotator cuff is consists of an arrangement of muscles and tendons that attach the upper arm bone to the shoulder blade. This group of tendons and muscles holds the upper arm bone firmly into the shoulder socket. The combination of muscles, tendons and bones create the vast range of motion of any joint in the body. The typical rotator cuff shoulder injury causes pain stiffness, weakness and loss of mobility in the shoulder joint
Stem cell treatment for Rotator cuff procedure

Stem cell injections for rotator cuff tears can be a choice depending on the severity of the injury to the tendons of the rotator cuff. The ideal candidates for shoulder joint stem cell therapies are the ones experiencing partial shoulder joint tears. Correct diagnosis of the shoulder joint injury is vitally important for laying a treatment plan, which often requires the physical examinations such as MRI to identify the specifics of Rotator cuff injury
Stem cell therapy as an alternative to shoulder replacement surgery

Stem cell therapy can provide an outstanding option for patients seeking to circumvent from shoulder joint replacement surgery. The patients opting for stem cell shoulder joint treatment usually have rapid recovery, minimal post operative pain, quick restoration to routinely activities and less need for physical activities
Recovery and results

The recovery span from stem cell shoulder joint treatment is relatively less than the surgical recoveries. The patients can return to work and routinely activities within a couple of days soon after the procedure

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