Stem Cell Therapy for the encounter of Arthritis

  March 3rd 2018    Blog

Stem cell therapy may be a debatable discussion, but one thing is quite evident. The stem cell injections have the prospective to be highly effective pain fighters, here we discuss how stem cell therapy for arthritis could be used in future
How does stem cell therapy for arthritis work?
Stem cell therapy belongs to a branch of medicine called regenerative medicine. Similar to Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, stem cell injections are a treatment of arthritis that helps patient’s bodies cure by regenerating damaged tissues
Stem cells are not responsible for conducting any sort of specialized task in the body, this means that they have a potential to grow into any type of cells needed. The stem cells are administered into the damaged area of the body and helps the tissues, muscles, ligaments and bones to regenerate
What does the research say?
Self healing organs and growth of cells may sound like a Sci-Fi movie. A recent research from The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center found that the stem cell injections offered indelible relief from chronic pain
Zaki Anwar medical director pain management specialist at The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center noted that the results of stem cell injections were more potent and indelible than a regular pain killer
“The analgesic effect of stem cells is amazing. Ordinarily, if you take analgesic, you see pain relief for a couple of hours or for a couple of days, but with the single injection of bone marrow stem cells we noted potential pain relief for several weeks”
Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
The research findings of stem cell therapy lights the candle of hopes in the lives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition. The best thing is the cells for treatment can be created by the patient’s own body
Julie tried the stem cell treatment for her knees and observed a dramatic result, she regained her ability to walk without crutches which she had taken support with so long. Tina is another rheumatoid arthritis patient who is keenly waiting for stem cell treatments, she tells
“I would try anything to help ease my rheumatoid arthritis pain and symptoms”
The future of stem cell therapy for arthritis and other conditions
Development in the stem cell therapy for arthritis and other painful condition has unleashed the potential game changing findings that may soon turn the tables for many diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis

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