Stem Cell Therapy Treatment – What Questions To Ask?

  August 17th 2016    Blog

If you are one of those who have already opted for surgery and has faced the problems associated with it, or you are one of those who have heard about stem cell therapy and want to get rid of your knee injury through stem cell therapy then you must also be well aware of the questions that are requisite before the treatment. Because these only will let you know that whether you are receiving the right treatment or not.

You should be well aware that will it be safe for your condition or not. Moreover, the experience of the specialist and his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment, all should be counted thoroughly.

Let’s dig in such question upon which a patient must ponder before the treatment

How much Experienced the Specialist Is?

According to various studies it has been proved that the more the surgeon/specialist is experienced the lower are the chances of any ineffective results or complications. You must ask about the experience the person treating you has. And also know the details about the number of stem cell treatments performed in that clinic.

Data should be Collected or not?

You must be well aware that whether the stem cell therapy center prefers filling out a questionnaire by their patients containing all the detailed information or not. Because this would be a sign predicting that the clinic is concerned about the pain location and the complications their patients are facing.

Is Your Physician a Specialist?

You would never want an untrained physician to give you the stem cell treatment and cure your knee or shoulder problems. So, make sure that you are thoroughly confirmed about the experience of the physician treating you.

If common medications are used?

Sometimes a common medication such as giving the patient local anesthesia can become the killer of the stem cells. Your doctor should be well aware of such situation.

Will stem cell cure everyone?

Stem cells are considered to be that parts of the body that help in healing. And the type of stem cells in every person varies from person to person. So, if some doctor says that your arthritic pain will be healed 100% then he is not being truthful with you.

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