Stem Cell Therapy Turning Out To Be a Possible Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

  March 21st 2019    Blog

It is a fact that the human body possesses various joints and each joint has a specific function, however, the most mobile part is the shoulder and it is put under constant movement and stress every day. In light of this reality, normally people have to suffer from shoulder osteoarthritis at some point in their life, as a result, pushing them to go through the chronic joint pain, swelling and inflammation.
In the case of osteoarthritis, it occurs because of the worsening of articular cartilage. If you are wondering what is cartilage? This is actually the smooth, white substance that works in an approach to cover the edges of each shoulder bone. But after some time, an individual’s bones may rub against each other while the shoulder is in the movement because of the complete loss of cartilage.
Varied alternatives to shoulder surgery may include injections, for instance, cortisone. On the other hand, in the period of progression in the medical field, there is initial data suggesting that biologic injections may be feasible for people with early to moderate osteoarthritis.
In this case, Dr Zaki Anwar, M.D Frankfort, Illinois, the pain management specialist offers stem cell therapy for specific people with shoulder arthritis to administer agonizing symptoms associated with early to moderate shoulder arthritis.

How is The Stem Cell Therapy Turning out to Be Feasible Alternative to Shoulder Surgery?

Based on the fact that the human body has a supply of adult stem cells that can possibly reestablish themselves and change into other cells. These cells live in the human body as various tissues, prepared to hop energetically to fix the damage as it occurs. But, as we age or go through serious injuries, we will probably be not able to recruit adequate of these cells to the site to totally fix the zone.
So as to manage this situation, doctors obtain stem cells from a site of high volume, after that inject the concentrated cells into the damaged zone with a goal to empower the body to heal naturally. Therefore, stem cell therapy can possibly be used for a wide scope of conditions, not restricted to shoulder injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, another Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) possesses recuperating factors that are accessible in the blood that work in an approach to accelerate the body’s natural ability to recuperate itself. The use of PRP injections to help heal joint, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries is getting famous, due to the involvement of expert athletes.

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