Stem cell therapy: what it does for elbow pain

  August 2nd 2019    
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The surgery for elbow treatments is the last option which doctors recommend to their patients. Doctors mostly suggest the surgery when the pain medication and physical therapies stop working to control the pain. The reason for doctors’ lack of trust in elbow surgery is less recovery rate. Joint and muscular surgeries have failed many times in the past in proving their worth and that they work in the long run in controlling the pain. Because of this for years, medical researchers were trying to find alternative treatments for elbow surgery especially to deal with chronic elbow pain.
The elbow issues start with little to moderate pain in the elbow, but as the pain keep increasing, it travels from elbow to shoulder and then spread in full arm. For years doctors are using steroid injections as a part of alternative treatment for elbow surgery, however, this treatment also failed to cure the elbow diseases completely and control the pain whenever is required.

Why get treatment for elbow

Elbow pain can start because of many reasons such as when pieces of the fractured bone keep hitting the muscles and cause pain, in case of scar tissues and in case of cartilage. These are all the issues which need proper medical treatments. These issues can appear because of some internal muscular and joint issues which may or may not be related to the elbow. The main source of the elbow pain can be some other part of the body such as the spine, arm pain or shoulder pain. In all forms of elbow pain, it gets hard for the individual to move their elbows.

Diagnosis methods

Before suggesting any treatment method, doctors find out the actual source of the pain. Doctors use MRIs x-rays and CT scans to find out the actual purpose of the pain and suggest the treatment accordingly.

Advanced treatment for elbow surgery

After decades of researches, doctors finally proved a decade back that the stem cells can be used as the replacement of the dead cells of the body and can treat the damaged tissues. Tissues present in the human body have natural healing power; however, the tissues get the healing power from the active cells present in that specific part of the body. Stem cell therapy is an alternative for elbow surgery because doctors replace stem cells with dead cells. In most cases, doctors use adult cells during the treatment and the purpose for that is the trait the adult cells have. Adult cells have the ability to change their shapes as the requirement of the body part where these cells are being injected. Stem cell therapy does not only cure the disease but it also provides long term relief from the pain and present it from appearing again and again.
If you are having elbow pain, no matter how old the disease or the pain is, we would like to welcome you at the Chicago stem cell therapy center. We assure you that our specialists would prescribe the most useful treatment to make sure that you get cured. To book an appointment please calls on 815-412-6174.

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