Stem cells enjoy being the most popular treatment among medicine

  January 25th 2018    Blog

Aging and daily wear and tear can bring a variety of problems within your body. Zaki Anwer, MD, the Medical Director of Chicago, Stem Cell Therapy Center, talks about how he is helping patients get their lives and healthy bodies back

Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD, says Stem Cells can be used to regenerate damaged tissues throughout the body, and there are several types of ailments that can be well treated with the Stem Cell therapy. He added that it is all about who can cultivate the benefits from which treatments
For Joint Regeneration

Anyone enduring chronic joint pain either its knees, shoulder, ankles, low back, neck, hips stem cell therapy is the cutting edge treatment reliving joint pain and dysfunction.
Causes of joint pain

Arthritis, degenerative joint and disc disease, tendonitis, sprains, spasms, sciatica, herniated disc
For Hair Restoration:

Dr. Zaki uses specialized stem cell and PRP therapy to treat anyone complaining for thinning hair.

Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD, says our body tries to send a sufficient amount of reparative cells to the recover your damaged tissues by utilizing your own stem cells from your bloodstream. Dr. Zaki Anwer claims by injecting stem cells into and around your joint with thousand times richer growth factors that what your body can deliver on its own. The Stem Cells are the cells that transform themselves into your new healthy tissues

Also stem cell treatments are generally accepted for it two broad medical implications, including the a handful of blood disorder in which leukemia and some other forms- is at the top. However, there are certain limits to the treatments these cells offer. “People have seen the professional athletes who accredit the stem cells for serving as a rapid cure to their torn tendons and other sports related injuries as well resolving their chronic joint pain, and they come in wanting the same treatments”. Says Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD,.“When done right, these particular injections are safe

Most of the stem cell therapy procedures take about an hour and there is practically no downtime. You might have a little discomfort for a day or two while treating the joint ailments, but possibly none at all of the other procedures. Pain medications will be recommended to help you pass the period, but still you will be able to walk out of the office soon after the procedure and can carry on with your routinely activities