Stem Cells-Treatment for Knee Cartilage Damage

  July 22nd 2015    Blog

As you start aging the thing that worries you the most is problem in knees. When you realize that it’s difficult for to walk, bend, do work properly and perform the daily chores you become tensed. Most probably, you find yourself stuck where you are with your legs unable to move.

The disease that affects the knee the most is osteoarthritis. From participating in sports, or getting up from a chair or walking, your knee problem can interfere with many things. Moreover, the cartilage in your knee gradually wears away causing pain and swelling.

According to a Research…

Researchers from the University of Manchester in UK found that cartilage can be grown from a person’s very own stem cells under strict laboratory conditions. When this experiment was first carried out in rats it showed promising results as the new cartilage was healthy. And there were no side-effects as can be expected such as growth of abnormal or disorganized tissue or tumors.

Furthermore, according to an estimation made by World Health Organization 9.6% of males and 18% of females aged over 60 years have osteoarthritis, thus leaving them in a disabled condition. And this happens due to cartilage exhaustion from the joints.

What should be done?

In order to rejuvenate the joints the cartilage must be replaced. Cartilage cells are usually referred to as chondrocytes that are formed from precursor cells called as chondroprogenitors. Focus is now on developing a new protocol to generate the chondroprogenitors from stem cells. While experimenting on rats the precursor cartilage cells were implanted in the damaged cartilage in the knee joints of the rats.

The cartilage was partially repaired after four weeks, and after 12 weeks the surface was smooth and as similar to the one like the normal cartilage. And there were also no adverse effects seem.

Though this is only a testing level but it is still a milestone achieved in the way to help the people with arthritis. The team who experimented this, is already planning for next steps and carries a full positive attitude to obtain promising results in the future.

The Traditional Options

Due to lack of knowledge and awareness most people first consider taking the traditional treatments. The requirement is not of a day or two but rather several months of rehabilitation that they will need after the surgery.

Due to younger age, these intense orthopedic surgeries might not be an option for many patients considering the fact that the joint replacement may not last more than 10 to 15 years. Hence the easy an more suitable option is to go for the stem cell treatment that will not cost you your life’s greater period or make you wait to get better in several months.

When the Two are compared:

It is a relief for the patients suffering from arthritis, sport injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments that they will now not have to opt for a surgery and get rid of their problem only by an injection of their own natural cells in an outpatient setting.

So, what will you choose? Faster healing through stem cells or a risky surgery involving the replacement of an entire joint?

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