Suffering From Chronic Knee Pain? Find Out Alternatives to Knee Surgery

  January 5th 2019    Blog

Prior to finalizing knee surgery, the doctor may attempt a few knee alternatives to knee surgery to diminish the pain and inflammation in the knee, for example:
• Lifestyle Adjustment
• Exercise & Physical Therapy
• Anti-Inflammatory Medications
• Glucosamine/Chondroitin
• Joint Fluid Therapy
• Bracing
In order to treat osteoarthritis, there are a few non-surgical options. These approaches can work in a way to postpone knee surgery by giving short-term relief. In any case, there is another alternative to knee surgery which could end up being helpful and give enduring results and that is regenerative medicine.
Regenerative medicine is transforming the medical field, and it’s not only for sports individuals or athletes, but anyone can benefit from it. In the event that you are suffering from chronic knee pain, osteoarthritis, or have tendon or ligament damage, stem cell therapy (PRP injections) may be the appropriate solution.
PRP is a revolutionary regenerative treatment that works in a way to encourage the body to repair the damaged tissue to a healthy position quickly. Rather than treating the symptoms and hiding the pain, it encourages the body’s very own recuperating procedure, treating the source of the problem, and giving successful results where other treatments prove inadequate.
Slightly invasive, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) utilizes the patient’s own blood to mend muscle, ligament and tendon injuries and pain. Knee conditions are frequently treated by PRP injections such as:
• Ligament Injuries
• Tears
• Patellar Tendinosis
• Bursitis
It is likewise broadly utilized in the elbow, hand, and wrist in order to help recuperate tennis and golfer’s elbow.

How Does PRP Function?

Platelets in the blood possess a vital responsibility in the mending of the body. When you’ve gone through an injury, your body utilizes the healing platelets from your blood to fix the damage. PRP process includes injecting a high concentration of these platelets into the affected area to accelerate the body’s recuperating response to treat serious injury, inflammation, and chronic degenerative disease.
The key to accelerating tissue healing and regeneration is found in the concentrated platelets that contain growth factors. Normally, a single PRP injection has four to six times greater number of platelets than what body would normally provide, that is over 1 billion platelets for each millimeter of treatment.

The Usefulness of PRP Treatment

Various clinical examinations have demonstrated PRP injections have enhanced function and diminished pain. The injections are especially powerful for enduring relief from pain for ligament and tendon damage, and osteoarthritis.
As per the results demonstrated in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the results are incredible in patients with elbow tendinosis:
Reduction in Pain in Four Weeks 46%
Reduction in Pain in Eight Weeks 60%
Reduction in Pain in Six Weeks 81%
In general, 93% of patients were totally happy with their PRP treatment and it had empowered them to avoid surgery.

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