Taylor Peters Underwent Prp Treatment For His Knee Pain

  November 14th 2019    
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Taylor Peters is the agile former hockey player for the Portland Winter hawks. He is quite famous in Pacific Northwest hockey fans. Taylor Peters served as Center for five Portland Winter hawks seasons, and won a Western Hockey League Championship in 2013.
A career of a professional athlete needs long hours and dedication to staying in shape, improving skills, and building strength. Due to which Taylor Peters starts noticing increasing pain in his knees after practice. Yet, as effortless as Taylor appears on the rink, very few realize his years-long struggle with that knee pain.
Taylor Peters stayed that “The pain became so unmanageable; I would design my workouts to put less stress on both my knees. Even on the ice, it would take almost fifteen minutes for my knees to warm up.”
That knee pain start causing discomfort and threatened Taylor’s sport’s performance so he decided that it was high time to take action to improve his knee’s health.

What treatment option Taylor Peters chose?

Taylor decided to go through Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for his unbearable knee pain in the summer of 2014. PRP therapy is a safe, non-surgical procedure which offers relief and healing to athletes, people suffering from chronic pain or arthritis, and active individuals, who suffer knee pain from past injury or due to overuse of knees. In addition to ease and attenuate pain, this treatment also decreases chronic inflammation and increases knee’s mobility.
Platelets are pivotal when it comes to repairing injuries. Platelet cells are packed with special, healing proteins called growth factors that initiate repair of the injury and can dramatically enhance tissue recovery. PRP therapy mimics the body’s natural healing ability by delivering a high concentration of platelets to the damaged knee.
Within three months of the first treatment of Platelet rich plasma therapy, Taylor noticed that the knee pain he normally experienced during and after practice greatly reduced,” he said. “My workouts became more and more productive, and I set personal bests on a number of leg exercises because of it.
After experiencing the concrete effects of PRP treatments, Taylor returned to continue the treatments the following year.
PRP treatment’s intervention was to support Taylor in working toward his goals, he continues to play for the Texas Stars, and ultimately aspires to play for the NHL.
“The PRP treatments have given me much needed confidence in my knees as I continue to push myself on and off the ice,” Taylor said. “I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today without those treatments.”

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