That’s Why Athletes Opt For Stem Cells Therapy

  March 9th 2016    Blog

Stem Cell therapy is a natural procedure to heal various ailments and injuries. And these days this therapy is being widely used by medical professionals.


Athletes Use Stem Cell Therapy

It is common with athletes, professional players, and sports people to experience minor and sometimes major injuries. Furthermore, expert doctors who treat National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Football league (NFL) are using PRP and stem cell therapy. Recently, famous sports player Jamaal Charles received the therapy along with ACL surgery. In the arena of sports and players, it can heal various sorts of injuries that include: golfers’ and tennis players’ elbow, meniscus tears, ligament damage, muscle ruptures, knee, shoulder, leg, back injuries and much more. Furthermore, this therapy is gaining popularity because of its natural procedure and quick results to bring a player back on its feet with high health and vitality. Furthermore, many models, actors, and journalists use it in combination with PRP for facial grooming, anti-aging, and healthy skin. Not only they but also people in general use this therapy for all mentioned treatments including hair treatment, reducing wrinkles and acne scarring. Because of all other benefits associated with it, and being effective and convenient form of treatment, today it is being widely used worldwide.



In this form of treatment, stem cells are drawn from patient’s own bone marrow or fat cells, and PRP is separated from its own blood. Later the mixture of the cells and PRP is injected in the area of injury where treatment is needed. All this process completes without any surgical procedure that takes hardly 2 hrs to finish. After this, the healing process begins. Furthermore, stem cell therapy involves negligible risk. As such almost all the procedure succeeds with awesome results. This type of treatment combined with PRP therapy speeds up the healing process while mitigating pain and reducing inflammation.



Today many athletes adopt Stem Cell Therapy for their shoulder, knee, back and other sorts of injuries. Furthermore, they may decide to use it and PRP as a combination to fasten their healing process. Whether you are a professional athlete, amateur, actor, model, or just a common person, if you are injured or have been hurt and want to avail this efficient, relatively new, and result oriented treatment, get experienced consultation from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212.