The benefits of getting Bio facial with PRP

  July 28th 2017    Blog

Getting a Bio Facial rejuvenation with PRP is known to be no facelift but a facelift. Or you can say you will have enhanced like a facelift without undergoing any painful surgery and expensive medicines

If you feel your complexion dull in the mirror, uneven skin tone, then here you go with the bio facial skin rejuvenation for the best results, with the most natural ways and rapid results

 What to expect during the treatment

The treatment will start from taking a trial of your skin sensitivity, the areas of injection that need to be treated with PRP is located. After analysis the skin will be cleaned and made ready for a local anesthesia cream, nerve blocks are done only in the sensitive areas to make sure you feel no pain or irritation during the whole process

Blood is taken from the patients’ arm area and processed through Centrifugation. During the Centrifugation process the platelets are extracted and treated to enrich the plasma.the element is then injected using a fine needle in the areas to be treated to re4port specific problems. The remaining processed PRP is applied on the surface of your skin and massaged with a Derma roller for extra pampering and rejuvenation

How much  time will it take

The whole process itself will not more than half an hour, and in the beginning three to six treatments with a difference of four to six weeks is advised. For follow up treatments and best result revisits in two years will give you the best results


The bio facial with PRP brings  with so many benefits and help you get rid of so many worries related to other facelift treatments

The process of bio facial with PRP is completely natural process since your own blood is used, you will face least chances of allergic reactions, if any bruising or irritation occurs it will end within a couple of days

Since the treatment is conducted without any surgery or painful procedures you do not need to undergo painful process

The process is called lunch time facial as it takes not more half an hour to be done. Moreover, you do not need to stay at the hospitals

You can immediately resume  your daily routine and physical activities, it only depends the soreness and irritation you experience

Another most surprising benefits bio facial rejuvenation brings it reduces wrinkles and brings out the youthful skin, it improves your overall skin condition

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