The Effectiveness of PRP In Treating Knee Osteoarthritis!

  June 10th 2017    Blog

Previously, the knee pain because of osteoarthritis was treated with the help of anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, cortisone injections or surgery. At that time, for the time being where there was improvement, there was no guarantee found in the recovery for the condition. After some time, patients used to feel that the pain is back and would face other problems like limited range of movement.

But thanks to the advancements in the medical field which has gifted us the PRP knee treatment that contains the growth factors and enhances the body’s healing mechanism in case of any severe injury or internal damage. This eventually reduces the inflammation and promotes new cell formation.

The Effectiveness of PRP

According to the numerous cases in which platelet rich plasma treatment has been implemented, it helps in managing the pain associated in the knee osteoarthritis condition. With what the researchers experience it has also been observed that as compared to the placeboes PRP injections have been very beneficial and assist in pain reduction in 3-6 or 12 month follow-ups.

The Variable Treatment

The process and the results that the patient experiences after the PRP knee treatment varies from person to person. This is because of the following factors:

Patient’s characteristics

The number of platelets that is the blood composition in one person can differ from that contained in the other patient.

Blood Processing

In the process when the sample of blood is extracted from the patients the concentration of platelets and white blood cells is different in different patients. According to this the treatment process goes on.


The specialists might add substances to the platelet rich plasma that will in turn enhance the healing properties

What happen in the Process?

According to the specialists who perform PRP knee treatment for the purpose of treating the osteoarthritis condition narrate about PRP that:

  • It prevents inflammation and decreases the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Helps in stimulating the formation of cartilage
  • The production of naturally lubricating fluid in the joints is increased thus bring easiness in movement
  • It helps in reducing the pain sensation overall

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