The great derivative from stem cell

  March 13th 2018    Blog

When it comes to managing pain, the modern medicine is finally emerging with regenerative medicine. Instead of managing with pain from arthritis and soft tissue injuries solely with treatments that mask chronic pain, modern technology is conducting research on actually healing the damage tissue
Amniotic derived stem cell activator injections are relatively new in the field of regenerative medicine, but their role is becoming more prominent as their potential becomes apparent for musculoskeletal condition repair.
The stem cells are not new in medicine, having been in practice for decades in wound care and other attributes. However, in the field of orthopedics, pain management and Rheumatology amniotic derived stem cells are appearing to have a potential of miracle treatment
Recently, a study shows that amniotic derived stem cells are heavily equipped with growth factors, hyaluronic acid, an antimicrobial component that can be easily injected into the stranger’s body without producing any rejection
What exactly are amniotic stem cells?
Stem cells are the fundamental cells in the human body. Their splendid ability is that they can transform them into any type of cells from skin to muscle, bone to cartilage. Amniotic derived stem cells obtained from amniotic fluid obtained from caesarean sections of the consenting donors
The splendid traits of Amniotic Derived Stem Cell Rich Fluid
Amniotic derived stem cells equipped with several splendid properties for enhancing tissue regeneration and repair.
• They have elementary anti inflammatory properties including cytokines that help reduce pain. There are no steroid particles in amniotic derived stem cells
• The amniotic fluid is rich in growth factors that help stimulate new tissue growth
• The amniotic fluid is rich in hyaluronic acid, which is also a major component of joint fluid and is vital for the lubrication of cartilage and enhancing growth of new cartilage.
• Amniotic Fluid is an amazing source of concentrated stem cell activators. Thankfully, the fluid does not cause an immune rejection when injected into a patient.
What Have They Been Used for in Medicine?
Amniotic derived stem cell treatment has been proven for deep wounds, often occurring in diabetes
Amniotic membranes have been used widely in plastic surgery for healing deep and difficult wounds. As well, these injections have been successful to promote spinal fusion during surgery and barrier to scar tissue formation around the spinal cord. There are research based evidence that amniotic derived stem cell injections are taken advantage of for treating sports injury , including tendonitis, rotator cuff tears and golfer’s and tennis elbow

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