The most potent raw material of your body to heal hip osteoarthritis

  January 4th 2018    Blog

The truth played a havoc- a perfect stamp of erroneous genetics, the endless progression of age, and every athletic accident I’ve ever stammered with,

After noticing two forms of arthritis stiffens my mother’s joint and collapsing knee pain- I merely imagined it shouldn’t have been a surprise to hear Dr. Zaki Anwer glaring full of thoughts on my very own fluoroscopic results and uttered the word I never wished to listen

A very common form of degenerative joint disease, agitating millions worldwide. Hip Osteoarthritis is yet simple, but for many of us unavoidable. The cause is smartly simple: with the span of years, the rubbery cartilage that cushions the ends of our bones wears down, consequently leaving the bone in friction against bone.

Like brake pad reduced thin, this abrasion can happen in almost any joint in the body, though it popularly appears on the knees, hip, hands and spines. There is no miraculous medicine; remedies to suppress pain commonly range from anti- inflammatory painkillers, physical therapy and steroid injection to surgery

However, in recent times, a non surgical alternative has been gaining concern- a cure that depends on the might of the human body to help heal itself

About three years ago, physicians at Chicago Stem cell therapy Center, were in the group of health care practitioners to initiate offering regenerative stem cell therapy, a cure for osteoarthritis and related joints. The treatment gears the power of patient’s own stem cells to heal damaged tissues, alleviate pain and speed healing

It works by harvesting stem cells from patient’s abdominal fat or bone marrow within the hip, and placed into the centrifuge, where the specimen is spun at high speed to separate stem cells and concentrate it. Within minutes these cells are injected again into the patient’s degenerated hip joint and jump start healing.

As told the outpatient procedure consumes about an hour, with a minimal, break, uneasiness or side effects for most patients. Harvesting the matured stem cells promptly from the patients lessen the risk of turning down; many patients report remarkable improvement in their hip joint within a month.

For Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD, who practices pain management in Chicago, Stem cell therapy, represents a natural next level in regenerative medicine. His patients come to him with a heap of conditions and hopes for reliefs.

Stem cells are radically the body’s most potent raw material- equipped with the strength to make clones of themselves and able to convert into various kinds of cells for specific purposes within the body. The body routinely keeps a primed supply of these potent cells on hand to respond to injuries.

“Place them in the centrifuge and you will get the stem cells to clone into almost whatever you want”.
Dr Zaki Anwer, MD,

Through stem cell therapies, Dr. Zaki Anwer looks forward an opportunity to bridge a potential treatment gap for OA patients, offering an alternative between the pain reliever and total hip replacement surgery.