Treatment of Osteoarthritis through Regenerative Medicine

  May 13th 2015    Blog

Regenerative Therapy Guarantees You a Happy life

The concept of regenerative medication has achieved various good and positive results at Chicago stem cell and it is still in the front in terms of producing more advances in the regenerative medicine. Doctors at Chicago stem cell have latest facilities such as latest technology, doing thorough research, which allows them to facilitate patients with healing of cartilage, connective tissue, ligaments and muscles without taking you through the surgery.  It has also been described (The medicine of future) for your health issues. If you talk about Chicago stem cell, it proudly owns the latest and effective regenerative therapeutic techniques, which are extremely capable to facilitate many sorts of patients who are suffering from chronic pain of joints. And it is considered to be the best alternative to surgery. In the beginning this most modern alternative treatment was only for elite class and for highly paid professional athletes, but Chicago stem cell has given an access to everyone to acquire this helpful and effective treatment.  And now availing regenerative therapy is in everyone’s reach, which was made possible by Chicago stem cell. Below are some conditions which are treated by regenerative medicines, so take a look:

  • The regenerative medicine treats chronic joint pain successfully and it is the most ideal treatment for chronic joint pains
  • There is another pain condition which regenerative medicine treats very well and it is Rotator cuff injuries.
  • Another condition which happens to be treated successfully by this is Osteoarthritis.
  • It also tackles chronic knee pain as well which is another indication of its success.
  • It also successfully removes the pain which you feel on your Elbow
  • It also provides the treatment of ligaments Tears
  • Meniscus Tears is a knee injury and treated very well by regenerative medicine.
  • It is ideal treatment option for hip injury.
  • Regenerative medicine eliminates the chronic ankle pain.

Who needs to have this treatment?

It is very easy to identify who are the right candidates to acquire regenerative medicine treatment as it includes patients suffering from chronic joint pain, those who are weakened warriors and wish to recover from painful joint injury without undergoing a surgery and athletes who get any chronic injury and want to increase the healing procedure to go back to their games again. It is very effective for those who are in their 30’s and 40’s and want to get recovered from osteoarthritis.

Effectiveness of PRP Therapy with Stem Cells

Combination of PRP with amniotic derived stem cells has been seen to be the most effective and welcoming developments in the field of regenerative medicine.  When stem cells merge with PRP protocol, then growth factors from PRP regulate stem cells to produce cartilage and connective tissue, and not only that it also helps to eliminate or helps in making the inflammation blocked. The amniotic derived stem cells are called “pluripotent” and these cells have the characteristic of becoming any sort of cell in your body.