Vampire Facelift – If Kardashian Can Get It So Can You!!

  August 26th 2015    Blog

Get Your Skin Looked Young by Vampire Facelift

In this treatment, your own blood is used without causing any side-affect or problem and it is known as the famous cosmetic procedure this specific treatment is performed by experienced dermatologists. It is to remove wrinkles, get your skin texture better, and shrink large pores with improving many skin imperfections.  The Vampire Facelift comprises of micro-needling with platelet rich plasma. It dominates many other cosmetic procedures, which have not been proven to be much effective. The thing, which you should note, is that now famous personalities are also willing to undergo this treatment, and this shows the authenticity this treatment.

 No Vampire in This Procedure

Although this procedure owns vampire’s name but it does not mean that there is actually a vampire performing this procedure. Vampire Facelift requires less amount of blood, specifically the platelet rich plasma component of your blood. In this specific treatment, dermatologist draw required blood from the person, and keep a tube of that person’s blood in a centrifuge. After spinning in that particular centrifuge for a certain period of time, the blood is mixed with a certain kind of solution that helps in separating red blood cells from blood plasma. Then this platelet rich plasma is applied to your skin’s dermal layer during and after a procedure called micro-needling.

Many Celebrities Have Opted For This Treatment

Famous celebrities also could not help undergoing this specific treatment. One of its examples is famous fashion model Bar Refaeli, Kim Kardashian’s experience of undergoing this treatment, who recently told their experiences about undergoing Vampire facelift procedure.  They both looked very stunning after undergoing it, as the result of this procedure went beyond their expectation. Above All they did not find any problem in undergoing Vampire Facelift.

What Do Experts Say?

One of the experts such as Dr Ayesha Akbar, who has vast experience in treating patient’s skin through Vampire Facelift, says that this treatment is to increase volume, improve skin with reducing the appearance of fine lines; she is also an experienced anti-aging specialist. Now famous personalities are in line to undergo this treatment, because it really gives good results and makes you look younger, without causing any problem.  Behind the effectiveness of Vampire Facelift, there is Platelet Rich Plasma, which has made this procedure very effective. For the treatment you can reach Chicago Stem Cell Therapy at 815-464-7212.

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