Various Applications of Remarkable Stem Cell Therapy

  June 8th 2016    Blog

Stem cells are primitive and one of the human body’s master cells that have great ability to differentiate, or develop into, a variety of specific cell types. There are different types of stem cells based upon their origin and potential to differentiate. One of the examples of stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplantation. This therapy is a regenerative medicine in which stem cells are extracted from a patient’s own bone marrow and then injected in the affected body area (hip muscles in case of hip injury) to relieve the pain.

Type of Stem Cells


In stem cell therapy the cells are broadly divided into three categories as follows:


Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs): These cells are grown in laboratory from cells acquired in the early embryo. ESCs have unending potential to produce specialized cells of the body that suggest numerous possibilities for extensive disease research and for discovering and inventing new medical therapies for various conditions.


Tissue Stem Cells: These are found in our bodies all our life with skin stem cells different from stem cells in the eye.


Reprogrammed Stem Cells: These stem cells are similar to embryonic stem cells; however, these are forged from adult specialized cells in laboratory. Researchers have succeeded in generating a patient’s new brain cells from these reprogrammed stem cells produced from skin samples belonging to affected patients with neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s disease or Down’s syndrome.

Effectiveness of the Therapy

Stem cell therapy is gaining massive popularity because of its non-invasive and safe method that produces natural results. It is being globally practiced for variety of applications including as an effective and affordable alternative to various surgeries such as hip replacement and elbow surgery. When Used with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), it performs marvelous results to handle hair loss, achieve hair growth, relieve knee pain, treat knee, joint, elbow and various other injuries, heal arthritic conditions, and fasten the healing process post-surgery

Final Note

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