Want A Cure For Baldness? Opt for PRP Therapy!!

  September 8th 2016    Blog

The biggest threat that both men and women are concerned about today is hair loss. It is indeed a disturbing sign that has a worse impact on the personality as well as on a person’s overall look. Furthermore, there are a variety of reasons that contribute towards this problem, such as it might be because of your genes, or a stress, tension that brought in such a situation, not good care of your hairs or due to some other medical condition.

Today, with so much advancement in the medical field, adequate medical research and with several modern techniques, it has been found that PRP hair treatment has topped the list of remarkable treatments with satisfying results and an awesome contribution towards hair loss.

PRP Therapy – A Versatile Tool in Hair Treatment

A number of causes of hair loss that can be effectively treated with PRP Therapy include:

Hair loss due to disruption in metabolism – This can be either because of iron deficiency or the adverse reaction of some medications

Hair loss by a specific pattern in males – the observation of miniaturization of hairs on the scalp. This is said to be a symptom of the early ages of balding

Hair loss in females – all the stages included

Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis

Reduced hair in the eyebrows or bear, also known as Hypotrichosis

Why is Hair Restoration Necessary?

Who would not want to look beautiful, younger than their present age and confident with the thickness of hair they have. Yes, everyone wants this, with the passage of time the thing that everyone fears about is losing their hairs. Adding to this, it has also been observed that these are none other than the genetic and physiological reasons that cause hair loss. It has also been reported that about 95% of the cases of baldness are due to the genetic issue. Moreover, the remaining 5% are aid to be due to other reasons including

  • Medications
  • Illness
  • Diet
  • stress

PRP hair treatment is an answer to all your hair related problems. Don’t fear losing hair, instead approach for the best treatment that can reduce you hair loss by promoting the growth of hair follicles.

Worried about hair loss and in search of effective results, you are most welcome to get expert advice from Dr. Ayesha Akbar by placing an appointment at (815) 277-5229). She is a board-certified internist with specialization in Age Medicine who has been practicing quality PRP hair treatment procedures for the past several years with stunning results.

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