What is that burning pain in my elbow is that tennis elbow?

  February 7th 2018    Blog

What is tennis elbow?

Commonly known as tennis elbow and medically later epicondylitis, is a very common condition among the adults. The condition arises by a natural phenomena of wear and tear as we age, leading to severe pain and immobility in your arm. Tendonisis is a very common condition throughout our body. Tendonisis is simply a degeneration of tendons, however, it is not always painful
Why Tennis Elbow is so painful?

The tendons and muscles that gets attacked by the tennis elbow typically control your wrist. Consequently, if you try and raise an item, particularly along with your palm facing down, you will revel in a burning once in a while sharp ache on the outer lateral side of your elbow. That may be a classic presentation for tennis elbow

Therefore, if you try to lift an object, particularly with your palm facing down, you will experience a burning occasionally sharp pain on the outer lateral side of your elbow. That is a classic presentation for tennis elbow.
How efficient is a PRP treatment for Tennis Elbow

Platelet rich plasma injections are an approved cutting edge treatment for tennis elbow sufferers. Similar to other tendon condition, treatment and the journey to pain free movement and a healthy tendon can be unluckily often be a long term and frustrating one

Given the stretched out periods required to address the larger part of ligament cause, including tennis elbow conditions, there is little ponder that numerous patients put their confidence and expectations in any type of treatment that may offer them an apparent ‘fast win’, and jump forward in change in work. PRP infusions are seen frequently by the tennis elbow sufferer to be one such type of ‘brisk win’
My observations for tennis elbow pain and PRP treatment

As a Pain Management Specialist, Says Dr Zaki Anwer, “I have come across with reports from patients who have gone down the PRP injection treatment for excruciating tennis elbow pain. The patients who have not cultivated the desired outcomes have historically been those who turn to therapies such as PRP injections with haste upon diagnosis of their condition. These same patients are often resistant to completing the required physiotherapy rehabilitation. Instead the temptation of a ‘quick fix’ is perceived as being more appealing. However, these patients later experience the dysfunction and restrictions in their routinely activities”

On the contrary the clients who are doing their best are the ones who have consistently continued on with suitable and recommended rehabilitation methods such as progressive tendon strengthening program. In a report published by the national institute of health indicates that it inclines to be the patients enduring from tendon pain because of overdue and end level tendon pathologies have intimated satisfactory outcomes from PRP injections for tennis elbow