What to consider for shoulder surgery treatment

  February 27th 2018    Blog

Surgically repairing a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder in most cases involves re-attaching the tendon to the upper arm bone A partial tear, however, may require only a the removal of damaged tissues of the shoulder joint by performing a surgery. A complete shoulder rotator cuff tear is mended by stitching the tendon back to the shoulder bone
The rotator cuff tendon covers the top of the shoulder bone and facilitate movement in your arm
When shoulder Surgery for rotator cuff is Recommended
Your physician may offer surgery as an option for a torn rotator cuff if your pain is persistent and doesn’t respond to nonsurgical treatments. Persistent pain is the main cause for shoulder surgery. If you lead an active lifestyle and make use of your arms for sports or overhead work still you would need surgery
Your doctor may offer surgery as an option for a torn rotator cuff if your pain does not improve with nonsurgical methods. Continued pain is the main indication for surgery. If you are very active and use your arms for overhead work or sports, your doctor may also suggest surgery.
Other hallmarks that shoulder surgery may be a good option for you include:
• Your symptoms have lasted 6 to 12 months
• You have a large tear (more than 3 cm) and the quality of the surrounding tendon tissue is good
• You have significant weakness and loss of function in your shoulder
• Your tear was caused by a recent, acute injury

Surgical Repair Options
There are few options for repairing of the rotator cuff tear. Technological intervention for rotator cuff tear shoulder surgery include less invasive methods. While each of the techniques available has its own pros and cons, however, all have the same goals, that helps tendon repair.
The surgical shoulder repair depends on different factors, including your surgeon’s expertise, the severity of your tear, your anatomy and the quality of the tendon tissue and bone. Many shoulder surgical repairs are conducted on an outpatient basis and require no hospital stays. Your physician will discuss with you the best option to meet your health needs
The three methods most commonly being implied for rotator cuff repair include traditional open shoulder surgery treatment, arthroscopic repair and mini-open surgery in the end, the patients rate all three surgical treatments at the same level of pain relief, strength improvement and overall satisfaction

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