With PRP Therapy Get the Look You Are Wishing for!!

  January 2nd 2017    Blog

In case you are looking for a best rejuvenation process that will not only improve your skin complexion but also your skin texture and restore your facial volume then it is definitely bio facial skin rejuvenation through PRP. Without the need of undergoing any surgical process it will gift you with a youthful appearance.

How PRP Improves your facial Appearance!

You are exactly at the right place, if you are looking forward to treat areas of your face that are not able to be treated with other non-invasive techniques. Choose bio facial skin rejuvenation process that will present you the below mentioned benefits:

  • Your wrinkles and lines around the mouth will be minimized
  • The acne scars and stretch marks will be eliminated
  • Your overall skin texture will be improved
  • Volume will be added to the face, hands and neck
  • The under eye grooves will be plumped
  • Fine lines or wrinkles present either around or below the eyes will be treated

The PRP Procedure Overview

In almost thirty minutes the whole procedure will be completed. Once the patient opts for the treatment, your small amount of blood will be drawn. This blood is then spun around in the centrifuge in order to separate the growth factors, stem cells and platelets from the rest of the blood. This mixture is then injected into the areas of the face which demand the treatment, through a fine needle.

It’s time to Revitalize Your Face!

The platelet rich plasma injection that is the foundation of the bio facial skin rejuvenation process today has become the best treatment for revitalizing the face and gifting the patients with a younger and clearer looking skin that is indeed blemish free.

Are you the Right Candidate?

Worried about the signs of ageing that are appearing on your face, isn’t it? You are the right candidate for bio facial skin rejuvenation if this is the case. As compared to other facelifts that require incisions and a greater recovery period rejuvenation with PRP therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is completed in a short period of time.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from facial issues and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464- 7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing bio-facial skin rejuvenation processes for the past several years with remarkable results.

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