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  September 29th 2016    Blog

While thinking about Olympics, for us it is only a fun filled approach to watch and support the ones we are favouring. It is for us a sort of enjoyment to watch different matches and support the players we like the most. But for the athletes who are involved in this game, for them it is once in a lifetime opportunity in which they have to prepare before months, practice for their performance and make sure that they are fit and away from any injury.

Now you can imagine that if such players get accidently injured before this big event they are not only emotionally hurt but also become physically weak. Today, with numerous advancements in the medical field, stem cell therapy is gaining ground in treating all such patients and bringing them back to the game. From treating the shoulder injuries, serving as an alternative to elbow surgery stem cell injections have proven their benefits and resulting in the successful therapies.

Athletes Found Relief

For say the patient/athlete is being treated for a shoulder injury, then the medical procedure would involve introducing stem cells directly into the area of the affected area enhancing the body’s own healing process. Drawn from the athletes’ fat tissues or bone marrow the mesenchymal stem cells are injected into the area that underwent a serious injury where the growth of the new bone, cartilage, muscle or connective tissues is witnessed.

The Renowned Athletes

Your favourite players that are the famous athletes that opted for stem cell therapy are elaborated as below:

Kobe Bryant, a gold medallist basketball player opted for stem cell therapy for his right knee injury treatment. After receiving this treatment he was able to join back in the game and continue his passion.

Tensed about his knee and spine, the very well known and favourite of many; Rafael Nadal, Spanish gold medallist tennis player opted for stem cell therapy treatment.

To get the cure of knee injury treatment, Dara Torres, the American medallist swimmer chose stem cell injections for healing his damaged cartilage.  The treatment worked wonders and she was bale to return back into the game and even participate in the Olympics.

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