With Stem Cell Therapy Treat Your Rotator Cuff Tears!!

  August 26th 2016    Blog

An Injury associated with shoulders; rotator cuff tear that occurs because of the irritation or sometimes due to the overuse of the muscles or tendons. It is also considered as one of the most common problems associated with the shoulders. Behind shoulder pain the biggest reason is the rotator cuff tears that bring with them stiffness, weakness, loss of motion and function.

It has been reported that almost 2 million Americans today are suffering from this problem. Some approach the surgical options, while the re-tear rate after a surgery has been noted to be 20-90%. Considering the medical advancements, Stem cell therapy, having the potential of treating numerous problems, should be chosen as the best treatment therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Or Surgery?

After being fed up of the long rehab process and the long recovery period that is linked with a surgery, people are looking forward for some other option that will cure their injury as soon as possible. After authentic research it has been observed that in some cases the reason behind rotator cuff tears is the lack of stem cells. Due to lack of blood supply, the surrounding tissues and muscles get weakened and hence less stem cell are brought into the area where they could heal and rebuild the tendons.

To treat rotator cuff tears, stem cell therapy is the best solution that will overall restore the regenerative potential of the shoulder. Therefore without the need of surgery, your rotator cuff tears will be healed perfectly.

When is stem cell therapy used for Rotator Cuff Tears?

Stem cell therapy can be considered as a onestep solution for treating the damaged rotator cuffs.

  • Stem cell therapy is considered to be an alternative if the condition of the pain and the decreased motion persists. So, instead of any medication, cortisone shots or physical therapy opt for the stem cell treatment.
  • Considered to be as an alternative to shoulder surgery
  • An alternative for the patients, who have opted for surgery but as a result have failed to get their rotator cuff treated. They might have become depressed and would be looking for a second fix that would cure the problem. In such a case, stem cell therapy would be best that will help repair the rotator cuff tear.

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