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Hair refurbishment surgery has developed greatly over the past few years and as a result it has gained a lot of popularity. In the current times hair transplant can permanently diminish the problems of hair loss among men and women or even the transgender and children .This treatment may be carried out by inserting new hair follicles in the skin where hair loss or baldness is observed. It is remarkably successful as statistically 85 to 95 percent cases reported hair growth in the new follicles.

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 PRP and Its Use

It stands for platelet-rich plasma and is presented in our blood. Plasma in blood contains healing growth factors that helps our bodies to heal after injuries and wounds. By taking into use these factors we can help skin renewal and initiate hair growth using micro-needling techniques .PRP can also help the bones to revive their true condition after damage or severe injuries

The extent of benefits

For skin renewal and hair growth advisably 3 sessions are required just after which you can see the results .The skin will become softer and silkier to touch , however the other areas may take times but result will be seen once the procedure is commenced

Least Side Effects

PRP is a no external application of chemicals or any other harmful product it is the humanly generated cells and plasma that are used to enhance healing and growth procedures .however the side effect are negligible involving swelling and bruising from injections or some slight scratches on the outer layer of the skin. These effects may be settled in a couple of days but if the side effects are persistent or getting worse consult your health physician immediately.

Is it a painful process

This process does not require you to undergo any severe or painful surgery only a small syringe is used to take blood just like any other blood test and it is then inserted in the areas to be healed.

Before the treatment any makeup or pigmentation is removed however the process may only taker 30 min to be carried or as the case may be

After Care
You are advised not to use any of the crème or product on your skin for 24 hours and make sure the treated area is kept clean to avoid infections

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