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Welcome to The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center, Chicago's leading functional comprehensive health center offering patients a diversity of not only conventional but outstandingly personalized treatments and services to facilitate fighting the symptoms of aging, increasing the longevity, and optimize quality of life through revolutionary regenerative medicine.


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PRP Therapy – An All in One Solution For Facial Issues!!

Because of the simplicity and effectiveness which platelet rich plasma entails, bio facial skin rejuvenation with PRP therapy has become the most beautifying procedure that altogether helps in enhancing the appearance to a greater extent. Just similar to a blood test the process is executed by drawing a patient’s blood, which is then spun in […]


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Exploring The Hair loss Causes & How PRP Can Effectively Treat It!!

It is usually the story of every house where everyone goes through the hair loss problem shedding hairs while combing, bathing etc. But what brings them in a concerning situation is the excessive hair loss condition that lands them in the fear of losing all their hairs and becoming bald. The treatment that is gaining […]



Exploring the Effective Use of Stem cells!!

With the latest advancements in the medical field, the surgical methods have become a secondary approach. Moreover, the downtime associated with the surgical methods, as well as the risks involved in it discourages many to choose this option. On the other hand, the treatment that is now in the limelight with its numerous benefits is […]


Doctor Zaki

Dr. Zaki Anwer

Dr. Zaki Anwar is the Medical Director of Chicago Stem cell therapy. Dr. Anwar is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has incorporated regenerative injection therapies into his everyday pain medicine practice and dedicated himself to research and development of regenerative injection therapies.


Doctor Ayesha

Dr. Ayesha Akbar

Ayesha Akbar is a board-certified Internist and Endocrinologist specializing in Age Management Medicine. She has always desired to help patients achieve wellness through hormone balance and preventative medicine. She has been actively treating patients struggling with health problems.