Amniotic Derived Stem Cells

Amniofix is a cutting edge treatment option for the patients diagnosed with tendons or soft tissue injuries. If you have tried physiotherapy, multiple cortisone injections, bracing, or treated your condition with the anti-inflammatory and pain medications with little or no success don’t lose hope. At Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center we offer you a non-steroidal, non-surgical alternative to relieve joint pain and heal soft tissue injuries

Micro-tears in soft tissue from overuse or trauma can lead to painful inflammation in the joints and tendons, and over time, scar tissue can begin to form. As the tissue becomes scarred, recuperation becomes more and more arduous.

If rest oral and topical treatments, and other traditional treatments provide you no relief, we recommend you AmnioFix to promote healing. It is an efficacious hip, joint and knee pain relief treatment.

AmnioFix is an amniotic tissue membrane allograft, applied directly to the skin or the injured area, that protects the collagen matrix of the soft tissue speeding up recovery
Each allograft of amniotic membrane tissue contains powerful growth factors, like those already produced inside the body such as:
• Platelet Derived Growth Factor attracts stem cells for repairing the body
• Fibroblast Growth Factor stimulates oxygen and nutrient flow
• Transforming Growth Factor enhances muscles and connective tissue
• Epidermal Growth Factors stimulate connective tissue growth

AmnioFix is a Safe and Potential Knee, Joint & Hip Pain Treatment Option
For decades, the use of amniotic tissue has been scientifically evaluated and published for the successful modulation of inflammation, reduction of scar tissue formation, and the enhancement of the body’s natural healing processes — with no potential adverse reactions! The entire joint pain treatment process is very short and uncomplicated, and is regularly performed as an outpatient procedure.